FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

You will need to have a rotary tattoo machine.

No. It is a Brazilian camouflage tattoo technique. Therefore, all materials used are tattoo material, except the method, a different method is used to perform to the scar and stretch marks camouflage tattoo. This method will be taught in the course.

It guarantees the best results to provide a solution for the existing contrast between healthy skin and white stretch marks. It is different from Micropigmentation, it is a scar cover-up tattoo makes it possible for the patient to maintain their usual social life habits. It is possible to continue exposure to the sun without incurring the risk of changing the color of the tattoo. And the results are long lasting.

Yes, of course. In scar camouflage tattoo online training, there is no separation between a beginner and a professional artist in the Brazilian camouflage tattoo. Our goal is to take the student from the beginning, step by step, to specialization. We have already taught courses to several people who worked in totally different fields of cosmetic tattooing, and even though they have had no previous experience, they understood the logic behind Brazilian camouflage tattoo and are now working in their own businesses. The main concerns of people who are not tattoo artists would be the difficulty in manipulating instruments and how to obtain the ideal skin tone for each patient. All doubts regarding the use of material and the handling of pigments will be clarified throughout the training.

Our newly graduated American students initially charge from 800.00 USD to 1,000.00 USD per procedure. Note: A stretch mark camouflage tattoo or scar camouflage tattoo procedure, for example, takes an average of 2 hours.

The professional practitioner must feel comfortable manipulating their work tools; Understand the physiology of the skin and be able to propose the best solution for their patient; be knowledgeable in Colorimetry applied to the scar cover up technique for mixing the pigments properly; know how to apply the pigments inside the patient’s skin wisely. These and other details are essential for obtaining excellent natural results before and after a scar camouflage tattoo.

Yes, we provide a certificate for the students who conclude the classes in the course and perform all the proposed activities. There are two types of certificates; the first one does not include the qualifications of the curricular element “live model practice,” thus, this one will certify fewer course hours. The second certificate is for the complete model, including the curricular element “live model practice.” It certifies more course hours (this certificate will only be granted to those students who study the four classes of the scar camouflage tattoo online training. The certificate is not generated automatically, then, after concluding the course, if you wish, just get in touch with us so we can provide you with the respective certificate.

Yes, of course! Master Fernanda Jaffre is pioneer and is recognized worldwide due to the Brazilian camouflage tattoo, and therefore her certificate for this technique is valid internationally. Moreover, many of our students work freely in clinics without any problems.

Yes. As stated earlier, the certificate proves your training in the Brazilian camouflage tattoo technique. However, it is worthwhile to remember that we provide scar camouflage tattoo training to students from all over the world and, therefore, we are not aware of the laws of all countries. Because of this, you must be mindful of what laws and rules are enforced in your city or state to legally perform the profession as a cosmetic tattoo artist.

➜ See The FAQ For Further Information On The Scar Camouflage Tattoo
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➜ See The FAQ For Further Information On The Scar Camouflage Tattoo Online Training