Are you feeling down due to the sudden appearance of stretch marks? Trying to figure out what do to do now? Well, you should know that you are not alone in this situation. Indeed, stretch marks affect almost 90% of women!


Moreover, according to a study published in the latest issue of The British Journal of dermatology, stretch marks can cause emotional and psychological problems in those who suffer from them. It can cause lack of confidence in those who have them, affecting their daily life in public and personal matters. 


But you know what they say out there: in order to defeat the enemy, you must first get to know him! Thus, why do stretch marks appear? What are the stretch mark stages? Most of all, do they go away eventually? If not, does the stretch mark camouflage tattoo actually works? To find all this and more, keep on reading!



What is a stretch mark?

normal skin vs skin with stretch marks

To put it simply, a stretch mark is a breakdown of collagen that is visible on the surface of the skin. In other words, stretch marks are scars that develop when lesions destroy the elastic fibers and collagens of the skin. What causes striae is the stretching of the dermisWhy do stretch marks appear and their aspect may differ during one’s life. Hence, there are many different types of striae.  Additionally, their appearence usually depends on the stretch mark stages.


At first they are often red or purple. But over time they usually fade to a pearly white tone. Striae can appear anywhere on the body where the skin can been stretched. But are more common in areas that tend to store fat. Such as, the abdomen, chest, upper arms, buttocks, thighs and in men also on the back.


What are the different types of stretch marks?

There are different types of stretch marks and it is important to identify them. Why? So that you know if it is possible to eliminate them. And if not, what is the best stretch marks treatment depending on their type! Since, the eventual disappearance these marks depend on the stretch mark stages.


Yet, many factors may be the cause of different types of stretch marks. Such as, where they are on the body, what type of skin you have and the causes of why do stretch marks appear.


Red stretch marks

red stretch marks

Red stretch marks, usually, are new marks originating recently on the skin. They appear as a reddish tonality due to the stretching of the skin, the fibers rupture. Thus, it is possible to see the blood vessels through them.


Besides that, since they are new striae, they have not yet scarred. This means that is it possible for you can treat them. You can use stretch marks creams and/or esthetic procedures. Such as stretch marks tattoo camouflage or stretch mark surgery!


After undergoing a treatment period, they can be healed. Yet not all different types of stretch marks can be treated.


White stretch marks

white stretch marks on my back

Contrary to red stretch marks, white stretch marks are completely scarred, which is in the final stages. Once stretch marks are scarred, there is no more healing.


However, good news! White stretch marks can be perfectly camouflaged utilizing the Brazilian cosmetic camouflage tattoo. The stretch mark camouflage tattoo hides the contrast caused by the white stretch mark and the skin tone


See some of the before and after stretch mark camouflage tattoo in our gallery here.


Silver and colorless stretch marks

colorless stretch marks

These stretch marks have a silvery appearance. Sometimes, they are colorless or purplish. They can be confused with new stretch marks, but they are usually older or deeper stretch marks.

Hypertrophic stretch marks

hypertrophic stretch marks

Hypertrophic stretch marks form a high relief layer compared to healthy skin. Their tonality vary according to the different types of stretch marks. Since they can be reddish or whitish.


Atrophic stretch marks

stretch mark appearence

These stretch marks can decrease the skin thickness. They look concave compared to the surrounding intact skin surface. 


At first, they are reddish, and afterward, they become whitish and shiny. Usually, the stretch marks camouflage tattoo isn’t ideal for these kind of stretch marks unless there is a contrast between their color and your skin. 


It would be better to treat the texture of these kind of stretch marks before treating their color through other procedures like laser or microneedling, in order to achieve a better result.

Why do stretch marks appear?


Stretch marks are skin fractures. They appear due to an excessive distention usually caused by pregnancy, obesity, pubertal development, or excessive muscle development. Yet some diseases such as Cushing’s Syndrome or long-term use of corticosteroids may also explain why do stretch marks appear.


Some people have more tendency than others in developing striae. Once they appear, they become red and inflamed. With time they heal and become white and parchment-like.


Stretch marks, scars, stains, and vitiligo have bothered diverse men and especially women around the world for many years. Affecting most individuals emotional and psychological state!


In 20% of the cases stretch marks appear due to mechanical factors. Such as frequent and rapid weight changes that produce a distention in the skin, causing it to break. Different types of stretch marks can appear due to the following factors.


The appearance of stretch marks through Pregnancy


Stretch marks from pregnancy are absolutely normal unfortunately for us ladies. Indeed, striae are frequent among pregnant women, especially during the final stages! Since as you know, during that period, a mother’s belly needs to carry the baby in her womb. Thus, the belly increases in size in an extremely short period. Consequently, the tissue ruptures, causing pregnancy stretch marks.

pregnancy stretch marks

Growth and stretch marks

Stretch marks arising from growth are frequent. Since growth causes skin fiber to rupture. Some teenagers may thus develop stretch marks. Due to their sudden and excessive growth. You can visually tell when a stretch mark that appeared during growth since they are like horizontal lines. 


Gaining and losing weight vs striae

The process of gaining and losing weight or vice or versa is one of the main factors on why do stretch marks appear. When one gains uncontrolled and sudden weight, most of the time that causes the rupture of the skin fibers and striae can arise at that moment.  


Cortisol stretch marks

An increased level of cortisol in the organism makes the skin tissue loose its consistency. Consequently, the skin becomes gradually vulnerable in developing different types of stretch marks. You may have heard about Cushing’s syndrome, that occurs after your body has had too much cortisol over time. 





For many, the elimination of stretch marks becomes a priority, especially after childbirth. These unsightly marks on the skin have an important genetic and hormonal component As you know, two factors that influence the quality of the dermis and why do stretch marks appear.


Both men and women can suffer many different types of stretch marks and they affect one’s confidence differently... Yet, once again, women are more prone to stretch marks due to their greater vulnerability to hormonal and weight changes. Good news though! Even if stretch marks won’t disappear, you can try out our stretch mark camouflage tattoo.

Like many of us, Fernanda Jaffre felt embarrassed and uncomfortable for years due to her stretch marks from pregnancy. She felt on the trap and tried many stretch mark creams and scar creams used for scar and stretch mark removal


Unfortunately, no method worked. No surprise there though since most stretch marks and scars are incurable marks! Depending as now know in which stretch mark stage they are. She even thought about doing a stretch mark surgery, but she concluded it was too aggressive… Like many of us though, she did though ended up spending quite the amount. 

before tummy tuck with stretch marksafter tummy tuck with stretch marks

That was when she discovered the Brazilian cosmetic camouflage tattooscar cover-up technique capable of hiding, camouflaging stretch marksscarsstains, and vitiligo. Ever since she discovered the Brazilian camouflage technique, she has worked relentlessly. And in doing so, helped thousands of women worldwide in rebuilding their self-esteem.


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