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Understand why this is the best camouflage training course program in the industry!

What makes Fernanda Jaffre's scar camouflage training unique?

So that you understand more about the specialist Fernanda.

She started working with the scar camouflage tattooing technique
when this technique first appeared and had the opportunity to participate in
the world’s first scar camouflage training. At that time she had no knowledge
at all. After all, she was from the administrative area and that’s why she had
a lot of difficulties in the beginning.


That was good because today she already knows what all the
difficulties of a beginner are and that’s why all these doubts are clarified in
her scar camouflage training.


Throughout her career in the area, she decided to study a bachelor’s
degree in biomedicine, and soon began to see camouflage with different eyes,
not just as an aesthetic tattoo, but she was responsible for bringing the
technique to the field of health. All this due to her knowledge from her study.


This knowledge is fundamental for our students to be able to
solve their clients’ doubts with great security and confidence because, unlike
many other aesthetic procedures, camouflage is the last hope of many women,
because, most of the time, they have already tried several ways to get rid of
unwanted skin tags. And when they look for you, they place all their
expectations on your work.

Why is instructor Fernanda Jaffre an expert?

Because from the beginning she decided to work exclusively
and only with the Brazilian camouflage tattoo technique, and the main thing,
she works actively in her day to day work performing procedures on her clients
until today.


Therefore, her scar camouflage training now has new
knowledge and updates, as she frequently updates them according to her new
experiences in her day to day work.


And, finally, specialist Fernanda was the first professional
to take the scar camouflage tattooing technique outside the country, which is
of Brazilian origin. Starting by training the first Brazilian camouflage
professionals in the United States, Canada and Europe.


She has a lot of knowledge to share with her students in her
scar camouflage tattoo training. And the main thing is that all this knowledge
is already arranged in detail. What works, what doesn’t, how to get the fastest
result and how to get the best result.


All of this has been tested and proven in practice, so you
don’t have to go wrong like she did. Just follow their advice and guidelines.

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scar camuflage training course by Fernanda Jaffre

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How does online scar camouflage training work?

Watch the introduction to one of the online classes in Fernanda Jaffre’s online training program so you can understand how it works!

Play Video about Watch The Scar Camouflage Training Course In Action by Fernanda Jaffre

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